Available in the UK and Europe.

A limited number of engagements are available each year.


How many images can we expect from our wedding?

It depends, but generally around 50-60 edited images per hour. Keep in mind that you don't get original (RAW) files.

Do you edit and retouch the photos? 

Yes! All of the final images are colour and exposure corrected in my style. I don’t retouch a lot, only if it is necessary! 

How many photographers will be there at our wedding?

Usually, I work on my own. If you need a second photographer

we can discuss it. It will be an additional cost

Will my photos be posted publicly on your site or social media?

Yes, I can post your photos on my site and social media. It's

very important for me to share the results of my work.

When we will get our first images?

I'll send you the first photos in a week!

What about black-and-white photos?

I adore black-and-white photos. That's why around 35% of all photos could be black-and-white.