Hi, I'm Nina, a London based photographer. 


I was born and raised in Belarus and photography has been a part of my life since I was young. My father's hobby was photography, and I have fond memories of developing films with him and seeing the joy in people's faces in the photos.


Despite my love for photography, I chose a different path initially. I studied computer science and worked in the IT industry for some time.


In 2015, my family moved to London for two years.  And this city changed my life.


Since then, photography has become my calling!


I've explored various types of photography and discovered that I have a deep passion for capturing weddings. There's something special about witnessing people experience a wide range of emotions and living another little life on their wedding day.


My main goal is to preserve the atmosphere of your special day and transform every moment into a lasting memory. I specialize in capturing candid yet elegant and refined photos.


I dream of working with couples who view their wedding as a truly meaningful and touching event, and I aim to create timeless photos that will hold sentimental value for them.


I'm currently based in London once again and would be thrilled to collaborate with you here or anywhere across Europe.